The Supreme Court of Canada has developed an Electronic Filing Portal that will make it easier for parties to file documents. The web-based portal allows users to upload multiple documents per case. This is the first phase of the portal, additional functions will be added over time.

Before using the Electronic Filing Portal, please note the following:

The portal should be used for all filings with the exception of documents that are subject to a sealing or confidentiality order (Rule 23 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Canada).

You may only have one (1) browser tab or window of the Supreme Court of Canada Electronic Filing Portal open at a time while submitting documents. Using multiple tabs of the Electronic Filing Portal may cause submission errors.

You will be asked to register as a user and provide an email address for validation by the Registry Branch. This email address will also be used for communication purposes with the Registry regarding the filings through the portal.

Filing parties will receive electronic confirmations of submitted documents with a summary of the information provided. Filing parties will also receive a confirmation when their documents are processed by the Registry.

The Electronic Filing Portal does not provide for service of documents on other parties. For information on the service of documents, see Rule 20 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Canada.

It is recommended that you take some time to read through the helpful information on our Portal overview page (menu above) before accessing the Electronic Filing Portal.

* The Portal may be unavailable some Fridays between 6:00 p.m. and 11:59 p.m. (Eastern time) due to system maintenance.